Our mission

Our cafe is situated in the heart of Hilton, KZN. We are on a mission to bring delicious food to the public. We offer a variety of meals with options for plant-based, vegetarian & gluten-free customers. We want people to see that these options don’t have to be boring- they can be just as exciting and delicious. Expect good coffee, a variety of juices, smoothies, specialty drinks as well as truly great breakfasts, lunch meals, snacks and cakes.


The Break Room is a passion project of Lee Hankey’s. Lee qualified as a chef under the late Christina Martin and used his culinary skills to open his first business called Flavour Cafe. This was based in Pietermaritzburg for 12 years and was best known for it’s over-the-top burgers and milkshakes (among other things). He had many customers who returned for the delicious food but also for his bubbly personality.  

In 2019, Lee created the start-up Ginger & Pops, which produces small-batch, dairy-free ice-cream. He had developed an interest in the trend towards veganism and people looking for foods/products to suit their dietary requirements. The ice-cream has a coconut milk & cream base and is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant and vegan. It is however so yummy, that anybody would enjoy it!

This new interest then also led to the opening of The Break Room. Aptly named due to its position in the foyer of a building, where people can come in and take a break from their busy days, The Break Room is a warm & welcoming space where people can fill their bodies and souls with everything on offer.